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Shield Annuities

A Shield annuity from Brighthouse Financial* uses a portion of your assets to take advantage of market growth with the assurance of a level of downside protection other investment options may not provide. These products are designed to provide some stability in an unpredictable endeavor — investing.

Get to Know Shield

A Shield annuity can play an essential role in diversifying your retirement planning.

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Diversify Your Retirement Planning
Protect your retirement assets

A Brighthouse Shield Annuity is designed to provide a level of protection that, when markets inevitably turn volatile, ensures your losses are limited.

Participate in growth opportunities

With a Shield Annuity, balance is built-in. This means that even with the protection you enjoy, you can still take advantage of growth opportunities in the market up to a certain percentage.

Pay no annual fees

Unlike many financial products, you pay no annual fees with a Shield Annuity.


Key Benefit

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3-Part Approach

Annuities can play an important role. In order to achieve your financial goals, you need to employ more than one strategy. When planning for retirement, you can’t risk everything and you can’t protect everything. But there is a way you can have some of both.

A Shield annuity from Brighthouse Financial can help you use a portion of your assets to take advantage of market growth with the assurance of a level of downside protection other investment options may not provide. Shield is designed to provide some financial protection in an unpredictable endeavor — investing.

Equities — don’t be afraid, they’re still a great retirement asset. Sure, investing in equities has its ups and downs, but anyone who has looked at historical returns knows the truth. Equities can offer a great opportunity for your retirement assets to potentially grow, which is eye-opening when you look at the numbers.

For example, 5.4%. That’s how much the average investor has underperformed the broader market over the past 20 years. Why? Because investors often sell at the first sign of bad news.1 What about your retirement portfolio? Are your numbers telling this same story?

Shield is specifically built to help you take advantage of some of the potential growth opportunities equities offer. But what about the possibility of a significant market downturn? We’ve got that covered, too. With Shield, balance is built-in so you can enjoy potential equity-like returns while protecting a portion of the assets in your Shield annuity against unforeseen losses.

Pay No Annual Fee
Consider a growth strategy that won’t add to your overall investment portfolio fees. A Shield annuity has no annual fees. Brighthouse Financial is able to realize earnings through the assets deposited in the product. Importantly, any money we earn is not taken from the growth provided by the selected index beyond the Cap Rate and Step Rate specified in the Shield annuity.

Remember that Shield is designed to work over the full length of your term by providing exposure to equities that may help you accumulate funds. But after the first contract year, if a need arises, you can withdraw up to 10% of the account value (as of the previous contract anniversary) each year without a withdrawal charge.2

How Shield Works

The right level of protection
Like its name implies, Shield is able to protect your account assets from some of the losses that can derail portfolio performance. The best part is that you have a built-in level of protection — or Shield Rate — as well as the potential growth opportunities offered by the index or indices you select.

Locking in potential growth

  • The Cap Rate is the maximum growth that you can earn for the term.
  • The Step Rate lets you lock in pre-determined growth if your chosen index is either flat or up for the term.

It’s your money, on your terms
A Shield annuity immediately puts your money to work and lets you participate in some of the growth opportunities the market offers, up to your Cap Rate or Step Rate. At the end of the term, we’ll compare the index value at the beginning and the end of each term and factor in your level of protection, as well as your Cap Rate or Step Rate, which will result in your new account value. At the end of the term, you may continue to keep your investment allocation the same or adjust it to meet your changing needs. The fact card enclosed in your Shield materials can give you more information. Your financial professional can also tell you which options and indices are available with your Shield annuity.

Fitting Your Needs

Decide what assets to protect
This money will not only benefit from a level of protection, but can also take advantage of potential growth opportunities. Remember that a Shield annuity is designed to work over the full length of your term by providing equity exposure via index tracking.

Choose the Shield Options that best fit your goals
Each Shield Option is a combination of time (term length), Shield Rate (level of protection), and index, along with a Cap Rate or Step Rate. Term lengths are available on the fact card.

Select an index or indices for your annuity:

  • S&P 500® IndexA
  • Russell 2000® IndexB
  • MSCI EAFE IndexC

Shield is an index-linked annuity, which doesn’t invest directly in the chosen index or indices but rather tracks their performance. Our index choices are diversified among large-cap, small-cap, and international stocks.

Participate with protection across all markets
At the end of each term your account will be reduced only by the amount that exceeds your level of protection.3 For example, if you chose to protect 10% of your account value and the index you selected dropped by 15%, you would experience only a 5% loss. At the end of the term, you can choose one or more Shield Option or remain in your current choices.4

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