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Fund Resources

See up-to-date information for the funds which make up the investing component of our products.

Fund Name
Regulatory Documents
Fund Fact Sheet


AB Global Dynamic Allocation Portfolio

Allianz Global Investors Dynamic Multi-Asset Plus Portfolio

American Funds Balanced Allocation Portfolio

American Funds Growth Allocation Portfolio

American Funds Growth Portfolio

American Funds Moderate Allocation Portfolio

AQR Global Risk Balanced Portfolio


Baillie Gifford International Stock Portfolio

BlackRock Bond Income Portfolio

BlackRock Capital Appreciation Portfolio

BlackRock Global Tactical Strategies Portfolio

BlackRock High Yield Portfolio

BlackRock Large Cap Value Portfolio

BlackRock Ultra-Short term Bond Portfolio

Brighthouse/Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio (formerly Met/Aberdeen Emerging Markets Equity Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Artisan International Portfolio (formerly Met/Artisan International Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Artisan Mid Cap Value Portfolio (formerly Met/Artisan Mid Cap Value Portfolio)

Brighthouse Asset Allocation 20 Portfolio (formerly MetLife Asset Allocation 20 Portfolio)

Brighthouse Asset Allocation 40 Portfolio (formerly MetLife Asset Allocation 40 Portfolio)

Brighthouse Asset Allocation 60 Portfolio (formerly MetLife Asset Allocation 60 Portfolio)

Brighthouse Asset Allocation 80 Portfolio (formerly MetLife Asset Allocation 80 Portfolio)

Brighthouse Asset Allocation 100 Portfolio (formerly MetLife Asset Allocation 100 Portfolio)

Brighthouse Balanced Plus Portfolio (formerly MetLife Balanced Plus Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Dimensional International Small Company Portfolio (formerly Met/Dimensional International Small Company Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Eaton Vance Floating Rate Portfolio (formerly Met/Eaton Vance Floating Rate Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Franklin Low Duration Total Return Portfolio (formerly Met/Franklin Low Duration Total Return Portfolio)

Brighthouse Small Cap Value Portfolio (formerly MetLife Small Cap Value Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Wellington Balanced Portfolio (formerly Met/Wellington Balanced Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Wellington Core Equity Opportunities Portfolio (formerly Met/Wellington Core Equity Opportunities Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Wellington Large Cap Research Portfolio (formerly Met/Wellington Large Cap Research Portfolio)

Brighthouse/Templeton International Bond Portfolio (formerly Met/Templeton International Bond Portfolio)


Clarion Global Real Estate Portfolio

ClearBridge Aggressive Growth Portfolio


Frontier Mid Cap Growth Portfolio


Harris Oakmark International Portfolio


Invesco Balanced-Risk Allocation Portfolio

Invesco Comstock Portfolio

Invesco Mid Cap Value Portfolio

Invesco Small Cap Growth Portfolio


Jennison Growth Portfolio

JPMorgan Core Bond Portfolio

JPMorgan Global Active Allocation Portfolio

JPMorgan Small Cap Value Portfolio


Loomis Sayles Global Markets Portfolio

Loomis Sayles Small Cap Core Portfolio

Loomis Sayles Small Cap Growth Portfolio


MetLife Aggregate Bond Index Portfolio (formerly Barclays Aggregate Bond Index Portfolio)

MetLife Mid Cap Stock Index Portfolio

MetLife Multi-Index Targeted Risk Portfolio

MetLife Stock Index Portfolio

MetLife Multi-Index Targeted Risk Portfolio

MFS Research International Portfolio

MFS Total Return Portfolio

MetLife Russell 2000® Index Portfolio (formerly Russell 2000® Index Portfolio)

Morgan Stanley Mid Cap Growth Portfolio

MetLife MSCI EAFE® Index Portfolio (formerly MSCI EAFE® Index Portfolio)


Neuberger Berman Genesis Portfolio


Oppenheimer Global Equity Portfolio


PanAgora Global Diversified Risk Portfolio

PIMCO Inflation Protected Bond Portfolio

PIMCO Total Return Portfolio

Pyramis Government Income Portfolio

Pyramis Managed Risk Portfolio


Schroders Global Multi-Asset Portfoli

SSGA Growth and Income ETF Portfolio

SSGA Growth ETF Portfolio


T. Rowe Price Large Cap Growth Portfolio

T. Rowe Price Large Cap Value Portfolio

T. Rowe Price Mid Cap Growth Portfolio

T. Rowe Price Small Cap Growth Portfolio

TCW Core Fixed Income Portfolio


Van Eck Global Natural Resources Portfolio


Wells Capital Management Mid Cap Value Portfolio (formerly Goldman Sachs Mid Cap Value Portfolio)

Western Asset Management Strategic Bond Opportunities Portfolio

Western Asset Management U.S. Government Portfolio